20 2 / 2012

Obsessing Over: Scramble with Friends. Jeremy Lin. (Obvs.)

Working On: My form. M had me doing dead lifts, presses and squats in the basement. Everything hurts.

Thinking About: The rest of the week.

Anticipating: The bison chuck roast we’ll be making in a few hours. It cost $30 so let’s not mess this up.

Listening To: M’s yoga-induced grunting/breathing. Chopping sounds from the kitchen.

Drinking: [glancing over at my empty Starbucks cup] Hmmm… It just might be tea time.

Wishing: That every day was Family Day.

06 2 / 2012

Oh, hai my 0.5 Tumblr followers! Yep, been awhile.

Obsessing Over: Work, or lack thereof. I didn’t think I’d be here, exactly - looking down the hatch of my late 20’s but we’re working on it. (Pun intended?) Speaking of -

Working On: Curbing my dis-enthusiasm for resume-writing, interviewing, JOB SEARCHING, the whole nine. Just getting it done.

Thinking About: ALMOST OUT OF TP IN THE APARTMENT. I REPEAT: MUST BUY TOILET PAPER. This isn’t so much ‘thinking about’ as it is just sheer panic, I realize.

Anticipating: Whatever networking coaching workshop seminar it is that I blindly agreed to attend. I hope it’s good. Please be good so that I can justify dragging myself down to 1 Yonge St. that early in the AM like a working stiff.

Listening To: Construction or some such clangity-clang-beep-beep from the window behind me; Jian Ghomeshi’s soothing hot voice from the speakers in front. 

Drinking: Really weak coffee. How is it that I’m able to master the beans:water ratio on some days and not others?? 5% cream makes everything better.

Wishing:  That my go-to brand of TP was on sale this week. This is kind of a non-negotiable so I will have to settle for the crappy stuff for now.

12 12 / 2011

(A little under the wire, but hey!)

Obsessing over: PC Black Label molten chocolate cakes. YUM.

Working on: Mentally prepping myself for the gym 4x this week. (See above.)

Thinking about: M. Sleep. Spa. Us.

Anticipating: *Not* my December 17th wedding. Aiiiyeeeee.

Listening to: Typity-type-type.

Drinking: Two-year old looseleaf green tea. It still tastes…green.

Wishing: For a freak combo of snow and bikini weather for December 17th.

05 12 / 2011

Obsessing over: Secret Santa Gifts! It’s not that hard.

Working on: Getting off my ass to purchase the above.

Thinking about: Hauling the same ass to the other side of town for an 8am meeting. This I will do.

Anticipating: December 17th. It’s gonna be good.

Listening to: The hum of my refrigerator.

Drinking: Cold chai (bag in).

Wishing: I was just made of money and whenever I needed more, I could chomp off my arm and more money would grow back in its place. Amen.

21 11 / 2011

If this is my only post this week, so be it.

Obsessing over: My stupid router blowing up my Internet.

Working on: Sample albums. Eff.

Thinking about: How the hell I caught this bug. Must’ve been the walk-in clinic visit last week. Eff.

Anticipating: My first overnight trip with M! Booked!

Listening to: Florence right now. But Drizzy all day, everyday.

Drinking: Nothing at the moment but I’d like some tea to soothe my throat.

Wishing: I could have all the sexy raspy voice without any of the unsexy cough.

14 11 / 2011

Trying this one on…

Obsessing over: Hand soap. Really. I spent about $15 on it today alone.

Working on: Absofuckinglutely nothing at all

Thinking about: Surviving my life the winter

Anticipating: Another epic whirlwind weekend with the boy.

Listening to: CBC Radio 1 like an old. Wait, they’re playing the new Drake/RiRi. WHAT.

Drinking: Stash’s SUPER Irish Breakfast (I just did a double take to make sure that I didn’t make that up the name. I didn’t.)

Wishing: I was old enough to appreciate my youth but young enough not to worry about adulthood and shiz.